Control My Medical Records - the SureMedical Solution

Control My Medical Records - the SureMedical Solution

From Michael Dorr

We are an innovative company that values and supports the interests of consumers to control their personal medical data. A small $20 donation will enable us to move closer to reaching our goal and SureMedical vision.

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Gain Control of Your Personal Medical Records Through SureMedical

SureMedical enables a user to upload and store their medical information and medical data into preset files that the user may elect to access to use for sharing or exchanging their personal medical data for expedient delivery to a physician, medical health agency, specialist, another doctor or urgent care medical facility or Emergency medical technician (EMT) through the SureMedical ID Smart Mobile App or SureMedical website, quickly, privately and securely.

SureMedical is the first medical records solution to ever merge documents retrieval and management with secure dedicated sharing of those documents with others within a single tool. The question of who actually owns medical files has been debated for years by patients and healthcare providers.  SureMedical presents an innovative approach to handling sensitive information in medical records. For patients, ownership is less consequential than control.  Regardless of who owns your medical file, the ability for you to dictate what, when and how that record is shared so as to limit data spills and the vulnerability of prying eyes exploiting legitimate recipients you authorize to see your information is what is really important.

  SureMedical presents an innovative approach to handling sensitive information in medical records.  By building a guided business process that starts with the patient articulating what documents they want to access and from whom, viewable snapshots of this data is then accessible to that patient in a controlled and monitored environment.  This allows for the organizing, collating, and controlling of the parameters in which the records are accessed and shared in the same manner as if these records were in paper form.  

The idea is to train human behavior in a structured series of progressions that ensure total security purely by the nature of this structure that otherwise serves as an “ontology”.  Our technology is manifested as a tool and byproduct of the ontology.  SureMedical strives to encourage users to be proactive about managing risk with the sensitivity of privacy information and to use diligence tools to not only verify the legitimate identity of those they want to share this information with but also assess the worthiness of trust for such a person to handle the knowledge regardless of the legitimacy of identity.   

SureMedical’s ontology exists primary to prevent your information from either intentionally or accidentally falling into the wrong hands.  Our concept is to prevent “peak over the shoulder syndrome” or “privilege creep” so that you have confidence that each and every person that laid eyes on your medical records had both a need-to-know and can also be trusted to handle the information with reasonable care after coming into knowledge of it.  Your privacy is protected in four ways.

1.  You access medical records directly from the originators of those records. SureMedical staff in no way can ever read any of the records you download, prepare and share with recipients unless you authorize our staff to be a recipient. 

2.  Storage of copies exist on a virtual private network (VPN) so hackers that target servers and your device are wasting their time if they are trying to find your records there.

3.  Background checks vet that who you are exchanging information with is who they say they are as well as possess the proper level of trustworthiness to handle that data separate from the legitimacy of their identity.

4.  SureMedical uses continuous monitoring surveillance to provide alerts of when your records have changed, they have been accessed without your knowledge, and what action is needed by you, if any.

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