12 Ways to Raise Money for Your Education

12 Ways to Raise Money for Your Education

From Muhammad Qasim Butt

Many young people think of continuing their education after leaving high school but they don't have the finance to do so.

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Many young people think of continuing their education after leaving high school but they don't have the finance to do so. Their parents are asking them to work themselves to pay for their own education. Since you are young, you will not be able to earn enough to pay your tuition fee if you work outside. For this reason, many people have come up with an idea to raise funds for their education. The following are 12 ways to raise money for your education. Buy checking value of stocks click here https://www.valueofstocks.com/.

1. Bike-a-thon

Bike-a-thon is a fundraising method that involves cycling for a predetermined cause. You will have to assemble a group of people that will ride with you for the fundraising event. You can get your parents or friends who are also needing money to go to college to join you in the bike-a-thon. The monetary contributions will come from the sponsors who support the bikeathon event. The sponsor scan be a business or individual. 

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2. Read-a-thon

Read-a-thon is a fundraising program in which children are sponsored for reading books. You must first set the goal, for example, the number of books that the children are to read within a specific timeframe. Sponsors will pledge on the amount they will pay for every book that is read. At the end of the time frame, you will collect the money based on the final number of books that the children read.

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3. Sell Used Stuff

You can raise money by selling away stuff that you no longer need for example used books, gadgets, and toys. You can set up a garage sale to sell these stuff or list them online on eBay or Craiglist. If you decide to sell your stuff online, you can use a secure payment service like PayPal to protect yourself. You also have to include a description and photo for the item. If you have a lot of similar items to sell, you can group them together into a lot. Putting similar items in a lot can be appealing for buyers who are on a budget.

4. Sell Products and Services Online

You can sell some products and services online to save up some money if you are planning to go to college soon. The skill you learn in internet marketing can help you especially if you are taking a certification course in the same field at an accredited college like Atton training institute in Dubai. After making some money in internet sales, you will have become familiar with internet marketing and understand more what the instructor is teaching in the class. There is a lot of potential on income that you can earn from internet marketing. If you are good at internet marketing, you will not only can pay your tuition fee without problem but it can also provide you with a stable income to make a living.

5. Do Yard Work

The old fashioned way to raise money is to do some yard work in the neighborhood. Yard work not just include mowing the lawn and raking the leaves. You can include other services like trimming the tree, installing gardening equipment, and planting. You can set a price for each of your service after doing research on the cost. You can get the gardening tools for the yard services from the tool shed at home or borrow them from friends.

6. Offer Tuition Class

If you do well academically, you may want to consider offering tuition on the subject to younger students. You can charge cheaper when you start offering tuition and slowly increase it when you become more experienced in teaching. You can also offer tuition classes on other skills you have for example music instrument, and dancing classes. There are a lot of commercial e-courses sites where you can apply as a tutor and make money by teaching the subjects you love.

7. Perform on the Street Corner

You can stand at the street corner and perform your favorite song to raise money. Just put a container for collecting donations nearby. If people like you singing, they will put in money in the container. Before doing this, you should ask for permission on the place where you want to stand and perform.

8. Put Up a Donation Box

In some shops, you can see that they have a donation box. Usually, this donation box is placed by an established charity organization. But, the shop will also let you put your donation box if you can persuade him with your intention on raising funds for furthering your education. You can easily make a donation box with a cardboard. On the box, make sure you include a fact sheet that provide details on the program.

9. Offer Home Cleaning Services

In many school, there is a board where homeowners who are looking for cleaners can list their homes and contact number. If you are skilled at doing cleaning chore, you can enlist yourself for the cleaning job. Every week, you can set aside a few hours to clean other people's houses. It will enable you to earn a few hundred dollars in a month. After a few months, you will have enough money to sign up for your course.

10. Offer Haircut Services

Some teenagers are good at doing different hairstyles. They get this skill by doing different hairstyles for themselves while studying at high school. You can offer haircut service to your friends. If you are good at it, your friends will recommend other people to your haircut service.

11. Sell Your Old Cell Phones and Ink Cartridges

You can recycle your old cell phones and ink cartridges at an electronic store to make some extra cash. Usually, they will advertise on their webpage or put up a standing board near their shop that they are buying used cell phones. You will only get to sell your second hand phone for a little money. However, saving little by little will help you to reach your goal of saving for college.

12. Sell Photos You Take with Your Digital Camera

Many students have the latest phones that are equipped with high quality camera. You can make use of your phone camera to take some scenic photos and make money by selling them. For example, you can make custom calendars on places like CafePress and Zazzle and sell them. You can also sell the photos that you take on a royal free image site.

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