10 Tips to Prepare for 1st Scalp micropigmentation Session

10 Tips to Prepare for 1st Scalp micropigmentation Session

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Suppose you're considering a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment to improve the appearance of your scalp, then congratulations. In that case, this procedure is one of the most-effective and long-lasting solutions for hair loss. But before you get started, there are a few things you should know about preparing for your first scalp tattoo session.

1. Know Your Goals


What are your expectations from the treatment? It's a good idea to prepare and create realistic expectations for your practitioner by taking screenshots of before and after photos of your preferred scalp micropigmentation treatments. On the day of your micro scalp treatment, your practitioner will guide you through this; however, it will go much more smoothly if you have some of these goals established.


2. Do Your Research


Before starting with salp tattoo services in Melbourne, it's essential to do your research. Ask questions, read reviews, and talk to people who have had successful scalp micropigmentation treatments. It will help you make an informed decision about whether this is the right solution. Doing your research will also help ensure that you find a qualified professional who can provide quality results.


3. Don't Use Rogaine and Toppik.


Refrain from using Rogain and Toppik  48 hours before your treatment. If you have hair systems on, you must take them off. Your scalp will be able to become cleaner so that your scalp micropigmentation specialist may operate on it.


4. Know What to Expect


It's essential to remember every person's experience with scalp micropigmentation may be different—but generally, you can expect a qualified professional to assess the condition of your scalp and discuss the look you are trying to achieve. Then they will begin by creating a template on the affected area so that the design is symmetrical and consistent throughout the treatment area. Once complete, pigments are applied in layers until the desired effect arrives. Aftercare instructions like avoiding activities or products may also get discussed.


5. Cut Your Hair


It's a good idea to cut your hair short before coming in if your scalp micropigmentation treatment plan calls for keeping it short. It can help you get used to the new look and save time on the treatment day.


However, the experts of scalp micropigmentation recognise that you might not have ever had your hair cut or that you might wish to do it that day, which is alright. Before your treatment day, our scalp micropigmentation practitioners can trim your hair in the office.


6. Prepare for Post-Treatment Care


Once your session is over, there are steps you should take to ensure optimal results from your scalp micropigmentation treatment. These include -


     Avoiding direct sunlight or tanning beds while healing.

     Avoiding swimming pools with chlorine.

     Refraining from using any facial cleanser on your scalp; use only light pressure when washing or drying.

     Do not scratch or pick at scabs that form after treatment sessions.


Additionally, following all post-treatment care instructions given by your practitioner are essential to maintain healthy skin and avoiding potential complications.


7. Wash and Moisturise your Scalp.


Use a fragrance-free shampoo and moisturiser that won't irritate your skin in the days or weeks before your treatment. In the days preceding treatment, wash and moisturise your scalp at least once daily. Remember, your scalp serves as a canvas, and the better the canvas, the simpler it is to produce a work of art!


8. Avoid Blood Thinner


Avoiding blood thinners like energy drinks, aspirin, and caffeine is an essential aspect before going for scalp micropigmentation. These things will cause the blood to thin; what will happen? It might cause additional bleeding. To avoid this, you must follow instructions, abstain from caffeine, narcotics, and alcohol the morning of your treatment, and everything will be OK.


9. Choose a Hairline


Worrying about your appearance after scalp micropigmentation treatment is natural. During a consultation, your practitioner will give you hairline options. Digital representation of how you will appear in various styles may also be shown to you. You should be able to select the hairline that suits you best based on that information and your tastes.


10. Schedule Appointment Time


Once you've selected a reliable scalp micropigmentation clinic in your area, it's crucial to reserve an initial consultation and set up your appointment dates after determining that it's the best option for you. Typically, the pigmentation and the full impact of scalp micropigmentation treatments need 2-4 sessions. These appointments should be spaced anywhere between seven and fourteen days apart to provide the scalp ample time to recuperate between sessions. The purpose of the first two sessions is to establish the pigment while increasing density. The final sessions feather the colour and add fine details.


Get Your Scalp micropigmentation with Professionals: Lion Mane SMP


Preparing for scalp micropigmentation requires research and thoughtfulness throughout each step. From finding a qualified practitioner who can provide quality results to knowing what to expect during sessions and how best to take care of yourself afterward. But it doesn't have to be overwhelming! By following these tips and researching ahead of time, you can ensure every step goes by smoothly and  enjoy beautiful results from this transformative procedure!


Lion Mane SMP has certified scalp micropigmentation experts who will help you know all the before and after tips to maintain during scalp micropigmentation treatment. So, if you are thinking about scalp micropigmentation, get in touch with us, and let us help you get the best solution. 

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