10 Things to Do to Recycle Things Efficiently and Effectivel

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Many of us wants to help the environment to be polluted-free and there are many ways on achieving that and recycling is one of those. The following are the different steps and tips on recycling things.

Reuse Unused Bags

Instead of buying luxury and glamorous bags you can reuse your old-fashioned bags that you disposed at your basement and make use of it such as load carrier of the things that you bought from supermarket. In this pandemic time, we need to be wise and be innovative so that we can save more money.

Understanding the Regulations

The biggest mistake of people on recycling things is that they do not sort things properly, where it should be placed or to be disposed, because poor waste disposal can cause our environment like it can obstruct the drainage system wherein it can create flashfloods. We need to put in mind that following instructions can lead us to success, success in recycling. Also, we can educate our children on simple recycling such as putting label on the trash bin like “BIODEGRADABLE AND NON-BIODEGRADABLE”.

Purchase Rechargeable Batteries

Traditional batteries are batteries that cannot be charged and as a result you need to buy another one for you to be able to use your remote control or other things that uses batteries. Why need to spend money? Or have a hassle going to store buying a new one? Where in fact you can save money at the same time save your precious time. All you must do is buy a rechargeable battery not only it can make your life easier but also you can help the environment.

Recycle Electronic Appliances or Gadgets

The first thing we do if our things got broken is automatically throw it away, not only it will fill our landfills but also it is a loss on our part because why disposed them wherein we can make use of them and recycle them. All we need to do is exchange it to a mobile provider who recycle old phones to a new one. We are not just earning money but also, we are helping our mother earth to be healthy and be pollution-free.

Organize or Create Composting System

Composting system is a system wherein you are storing leftover foods or vegetable or things that is quick to decompose in a one container so that when the time comes that it will be decomposed it became a natural fertilizer to our plants and flowers. Also, it helps us coz we do not need to have the hassle to throw it away instead put it in the container and help our environment.

Give to Others

Giving is caring, trash of others is treasure of another as what they said. Simple things like old clothes, rags, towels are big help for others who are in need. We can donate it to orphanage, victim of typhoons or flashfloods and many more. So don’t be selfish, in donating we are not helping others but also helping out beloved nature.

Be Innovative

Recycling is not just throwing garbage properly or being generous to others by giving old stuffs but also you can make your old things to a new one, such as plastic bottles into flowering pot or old clothes into rag.

Bringing Your Own Drinking Cup

Having a hot coffee in the morning is a good energy booster to wrap up our day. But don’t you realize where the cups are going after you drink a cup of coffee, obviously in our trash bins, and later on it will be transferred on our landfills. To solve this problem, you must bring your own cup so that you can enjoy your unlimited coffee without harming the environment.

Packing Your Lunch

Packing your lunch in a Tupperware or reusable container is a big save of money on your part coz you don’t need to buy plastics or cellophane every single time you pack your lunch and also you reduce the waste that you are consuming or using.


Use Your Computer

We all know that papers come from the tree, so the more paper we use the more the trees we cut. In solving this problem, we need to be techy on this time, so use your computer, start storing your documents on your hard drive, not just securing your documents on natural phenomenon but also helping ang environment on decreasing the cutting of trees.

In addition, check this tip about zero waste management. Let’s love our environment.

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