10 Methods To Leverage Social Media For Crowdfunding

10 Methods To Leverage Social Media For Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding refers to raising money for a specific cause, primarily by non-profit and non-governmental organizations. In today's world, it is duly done online as social media plays a significant role in reaching people around the world.

An estimated $34 billion was raised by crowdfunding globally in 2015. Between 2022 and 2027, the global crowdfunding market is predicted to contract at a CAGR of 15.86%. The market is expected to grow in size by USD 264.09 billion.

Most non-profit organizations don't get enough funding due to a lack of plans. Social media can be the best platform for organizations to reach their target audience while promoting causes and building relationships with donors.

Crowdfunding is also done by companies and movie brands to raise money to finish a project, and it is mostly based on interests in such cases. Read on to learn about the ten methods to leverage social media for crowdfunding.

10 Methods To Leverage Social Media For Crowdfunding

Social media has emerged as one of the more efficient platforms for non-profit fundraising, especially for a crowdfunding campaign, along with email and your website. Crowdfunding is the act of financing a project or endeavor by obtaining modest financial contributions from a large number of individuals, usually online. 

Choose The Right Social Media Platform

One of the best ways to leverage social media is to set up accounts across all available social media platforms. This is to ensure your presence.

But the hard question is which social media platform you choose to build your reputation online. You can choose the right social channel based on the presence of your target audience. For instance, if you want to reach an audience between the 20 to 35 age group, Instagram is the best. You can also choose the social media platforms based on the number of followers and your competitors' response rate.

There is no dearth of fake crowdfunding scams, and rightly so; social media users have become very cautious about the campaign's authenticity these days. Before anything else, they check out the reviews of the crowdfunding organization on Google and other review sites. Managing Google reviews to boost the organization's credibility and trust is essential to avoid losing out on valuable funds. Thus, it is essential to have a GMB account and manage Google reviews for your brand to increase credibility.

Tell A Story

Run your campaign by telling people to enjoy exciting stories. You can showcase your founder, and providing background information about your brand adds a personal factor. Your fundraising story should convince readers to support your cause fully. The voice of the fundraising is in your story.

Define the main points of your narrative and address any pertinent inquiries regarding your fundraising. Create a theme for your narrative and raise the tension level to emphasize the significance of your cause with a solid call to action.

Use Campaign Hashtags

Using campaign-specific hashtags for crowdfunding activities acts as an organic search factor on social media. You can increase user engagement and brand recognition by encouraging users to include personalized hashtags in the content they share and make. It's a powerful method for users to encourage online word-of-mouth recommendations for funding.

Campaigns using hashtags allow companies to steer the conversation and gain visibility for the content their followers and customers share.

Be Consistent

The first step in any campaign is to create interest in it. Maintaining user interest is your obligation once you've gained a following. Today's Facebook and Twitter traffic makes it crucial to post multiple times per day.

You never know when someone will check their news feed or who will read your posts. To reach a larger audience, you should be consistent in your post updates and ensure to post them at the ideal time. It's crucial to provide frequent updates so everyone knows how things stand. You should also ensure your branding is consistent across your campaign and social media platforms.

It becomes challenging to maintain a good reputation across multiple platforms manually. It would be best if you were immediately responsive to comments, campaign mentions, and hashtags usage to make the best of user-generated content and monitor reviews. You can use a reputation management tool to help with the above-mentioned features. 

Build A Community

Building a community can help you raise funding in the best way possible. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best social platforms for community building. It would help if you started your community a few months before your crowdfunding campaign started.

You can build your community by engaging with your followers by replying to their comments and interacting through Stories and live sessions. A community will give you some time to generate engagement and buzz. Once they are ready and feel that you are genuine, they will start donating the money.

Choose The Type Of Content

Carefully choose the type of content you use for crowdfunding campaigns. Monotonously posting only images will not work. You can try it with stories, notes, tweets, Reels, videos, posts, and updates.

For instance, if you run your campaign on Instagram, you can share Reels from your supporters. You can use user-generated content and put updates on educational content that will help followers gain knowledge, accounts from your supporters, campaign images, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Get Help From Influencers

With their followers, who are essentially a captive audience, the best influencers have developed a relationship of trust. You can conduct a successful crowdfunding campaign by collaborating with a well-known influencer who will promote your campaign on their social networks.

Influencers are aware of their followers' requirements at all times. Your campaign idea is presented to the appropriate social network of individuals who are already interested in your project when you collaborate with the relevant influencers in your area.

Not all popular influencers are authentic. Some might have gained their position through dishonesty and will contribute little to nothing to your campaign. Make sure to choose the right one.

Be Authentic

Set a few benchmarks while you create your campaign approach. Show them off on your social media profile with pride as you check them off your list. It is essential to update your donors on the status and accomplishments of your fundraiser. For instance, tell them about the patient's health improved due to the latest reports and testing. Potential contributors will gain from this and be more inclined to support your project.

You can also have an app for your brand that backs your authenticity. Especially with fundraising, a fintech app will play a major role in managing finances and getting shareable insights on the fundraisers. While the cost of hiring a software developer for a mobile app could be higher, it would be better to opt for a web app.

Show Gratitude

Say a heartfelt "thank you" to your donors. Gratitude is due for their kindness and support in bringing about a favorable change for your cause. Repost and reshare content on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from their handles and accounts.

To ask them to participate in your little wins, tag them. This will help a lot when interacting with these contributors. Include these principles in your social media strategy for a successful fundraiser to get the most traction.

Measure Your Work

You should track how each post is doing to learn what posts people like (or dislike) and how they interact with your content. This will enable you to develop better posts and increase interaction by allowing you to understand what your audience likes.


Crowdfunding is a prevalent method of raising money for organizations when they have the right social media strategy. A campaign can be successful once it reaches enough engagement and online support. It is the best place to build a brand community and target your audience.

We hope that the above-given methods to leverage social media for crowdfunding help you form a robust social media strategy. Also, ensure that you start your campaign way before time. 

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