10 Foods and drinks with surprising oral health benefits

10 Foods and drinks with surprising oral health benefits

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TOP 10 Foods and drinks with surprising oral health benefits ⬅️ Ginger Root ⬅️ Apples ⬅️ Milk ⬅️ The best food for your oral health

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Ideally, an effective diet is one which favors your overall health thus naturally encompassing your oral health. Although good dental hygiene should be maintained, there are some reinforcements you can call upon.

After getting any type of dental work such as dental implants done, abstaining from eating until the effects of anesthesia wears off is recommended & soft and lukewarm foods are to favor.

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Which Ingredients to Favor

So, in addition to limiting sugary and acidic foods, what should you consume? We’ll tell you everything!

There are many places in the world where ginger root is prized for its medicinal capacities. As a plant with anti-inflammatory properties, it helps you maintain the healthy tissues in your mouth.

Fruits within the same vein as apples serve as a great replacement for foods full of hidden sugars. Containing only natural ones, they stimulate a cleaning action within your mouth reducing the presence of plaque on your gums and teeth. Keep in mind apples will expose your mouth to acids.

Most people know milk is filled with calcium but did you know it also contains casein? This protein has the capacity to reduce acid levels in your mouth produced by plaque bacteria. It goes without saying that drinking milk with cereal or in a dessert does not have the same benefits as a simple glass of milk.

Don’t have milk? Give cheese a try! Beyond the added benefit of lowering the levels of acidity in your mouth —thanks to the casein, it also promotes the production of saliva leading to the elimination of some bacteria.

With the ability to target and eliminate four of the strains of bacteria know to cause cavities and gum disease, raw onion especially, is perfectly adapted to fight off bacteria.

With high omega 3 fatty acids contents, the fluoride and potential iodized salt contained within aliments like salmon will help strengthen your enamel.

It’s no secret that vegetables are filled with components beneficial to our health. The crunchy texture of raw carrots will clear your mouth of all food residue while boosting saliva production.

Yes! On one condition, it must be at least 70% cocoa. The phosphate, polyphenol and fatty acids contained in it form an optimal protection against acids, bacteria and dental erosion.

Full of minerals essential to your oral hygiene, nuts and seeds also tend to be low in carbohydrates while being full of calcium and fluoride. Favor eating them in their natural state as this will promote saliva production helping neutralize acids.

1.    Ginger Root

2.    Apples

3.    Milk

4.    Cheese

5.    Onion

6.    Fish & Shellfish

7.    Carrots

8.    Celery

9.    Dark Chocolate

10.  Nuts & Seeds

We all have natural occurring bacteria in our mouths turning the sugars in our diet acidic, deteriorating our tooth enamel.

Remember, nothing beats brushing your teeth at least twice a day and visiting your dentist regularly to maintain good oral health.


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