10 Best Sex Doll Torso of 2022

10 Best Sex Doll Torso of 2022

From Ben Allen

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By A professional Sex Doll Expert

Sex doll torsos have many advantages over full-size sex dolls. Its popularity is growing rapidly. This has a lot to do with the continuous progress of the best sex doll torso.

Over the past few years, lifelike silicone & TPE sex dolls have replaced inflatable sex dolls.Likewise, sex doll torso is an alternative among sex dolls.So high quality materials make the sex torso very realistic. Of course, this also makes the price of sex torso soar rapidly. However, there are still plenty of the best affordable sex torsos to choose from.

Therefore,I will recommend the best affordable sex doll torso for a wide range of sex lovers here.

Below is a list of the highest rated sex doll torsos that I have had the pleasure of testing and trying. Whether you want a big ass torso, big breasted sex torso, or a male sex torso with a big dildo. Here, you are sure to find your favorite!

What is the best sex doll torso?

Female Deluxe RealDoll Torso

·         Can be personally recommended

·         Quick release

·         Realistic torso


Deluxe Half Torso

·         Easy to use

·         Realistic ass

·         Lower part of luxurious sexy torso


Premium Sex Doll Torso With Head

·         Sexy luxury

·         Ultra-realistic sexual experience


9.0 lb Sex Doll Male With Ass

·         Soft TPR material

·         Perfect size sex doll


53LB Doggystyle Fit Sex Torso

·         Sexy curvy body

·         Flexible and stable skeleton

·         Realistic vulva


13LB Best Sex Torso For Men

·         Really juicy pussy

·         1:1 real big ass

·         Affordable


16.75LB Male Sex Doll Torso

·         Huge

·         1:1 real big ass

·         Affordable


18.29LB Realistic Female Mini Sex Torso

l  Sexy Soft Big Boobs

l  Realistic Juicy Pussy

l  Fast shipping


38.58LB Shemale Female Sex Doll Torso

·         Unique shemale torso

·         4:1 real shemale torso

·         Maximum to meet all your needs


Soft Silicone Male Torso Sex Toy

·         High quality silicone material

·         Realistic dildo

·         More stable


Our unbiased review

NO.1 Female Deluxe RealDoll Torso


The Deluxe Female Torso is the most expensive sex torso I’ve ever used. I’ve been looking for simple sex doll torsos that give a great experience. And this half-length female doll is the treasure I found at Realdoll.

The body of the female sex torso is like a real woman. Her boobs are soft. And the touch is very real. Sadly, she has no arms/legs. This makes intercourse greatly discounted.

However, its vagina and anus are real. When you use it with lubricating oil, intercourse will be more realistic. Although she is not a real woman, but she can make you experience the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

Needless to say, its experience is still very good, but her price is very expensive. To get it, you may need to prepare more money. What’s more, because of the gel in the buttocks of this doll, it is very important to store the doll hanging when it needs to be stored for a long time. It would be inconvenient for us to hide it.

NO.2 Deluxe Half Torso


This butt is a great option for anyone who wants to experience doggy sex. This is a simple and convenient sex masturbator. Has two realistic sex holes. I recommend inserting from the back. Because it is more stable. This is definitely a good starting choice.

Realistic vaginal interior like a real female vagina. So when you insert, you feel like you are inserting a real woman’s vagina.

I like its anal. Because it’s so tight. When inserted, it wraps tightly around your penis. The closed mouth suction is very powerful. It is indeed very satisfying.

However, you may need to consider whether you are willing to pay its hefty price. Maybe for $1500 you can get a full size sex doll. I believe, that would be better.

NO.3 Premium Sex Doll Torso With Head


Do you want to feel the same luxury as a sex doll, but in a smaller size, the premium sex doll torso is handcrafted from premium medical grade silicone for an ultra-realistic sexual experience. Easy to clean and easy to hide.

I love how it looks like a beautiful woman. How sexy she looks if you put her on the bed. In the meantime, you can play around with it at will.

It has a real human upper body. Also, the vagina and anus are very realistic. Can enjoy the best sexual pleasure. Round ass is very plump and smooth. However, it’s not cheap. So you need to really consider whether it’s worth your while.

NO.4 9.0 lb Sex Doll Male With Ass


I love the shape and feel of this toy. I am impressed and satisfied with it, it has so much detail, even the pores on the model. Realistic and comfortable, with deep ribbed pleasure channels. Soft and stretchy with lip studs for a realistic look and feel.

However, the weight seems to be quite large, which makes it relatively stable. However, you’ll have a hard time holding it up. So you can make them into smaller butt torsos of higher quality.Example: 5.68LB Big Booty Masturbator Female Sex Torso Toy.

NO.5 53LB Doggystyle Fit Sex Torso


I didn’t own this oversized type of love toys until I stumbled upon Tantaly and all their high quality and wide variety of love toys. Didn’t expect it to be this big, but it was fun after using it once. This one torso comes with big tits and a vagina/anus

However, it is really too heavy. It’s hard to hold her up with one hand. At the same time, this makes it less easy to store.

The downside here is that they don’t list how to use it properly. And for the price. I don’t think it’s a cheaper, more affordable sex doll torso.

NO.6 13LB Best Sex Torso For Men


Shop Now At Sextorso

The touch of this big ass sex torso is very realistic. With a realistic vagina and anus in the middle of the big ass, it will definitely keep you playing all day.

However, this half torso has a realistic pussy and a soft ass. Smooth skin feels very comfortable.

This half-gender torso is best for dog sex. If you like doggy style sex, I recommend you to buy this big ass torso.

NO.7 16.75LB Male Sex Doll torso


Shop Now At Sextorso

I’ve had a lot of toys over the years, but this is one of my favorites, or so if you will. Ultra-smooth feel with just the right girth and length for long, enjoyable rides. Huge dildo won’t let you down.

However, this male torso is suitable for male anal sex. Also suitable for female vaginal intercourse. Its well-developed pectoral muscles look very attractive. It’s definitely the best option for ride sex.

NO.8 18.29LB Realistic Female Mini Sex Torso


Shop Now At Lovedolltorso

The 18.29 lb sex torso is a life-size female doll torso. You can get it at the cheapest price.

This sexy torso has gorgeous round breasts and a sporty bouncy ass. At the same time, the 18.29lb weight keeps her stable in any position.

If you want real sex but find full body sex dolls too expensive, this female torso is perfect for you. And she is shipped to you in absolute privacy packaging. Even better, it’s shipped from a US warehouse. This means that after you order it, you get it within a short time.

NO.9 38.58LB Shemale Female Sex Doll Torso


Shop Now At Lovedolltorso

Shemale torso is so much fun. Not only does this shemale torso have a realistic vagina, soft boobs, and firm anus, it also has a huge dildo. If you want more exciting sex. This is definitely a good choice.

However, even the best sex masturbation toy for men is this shemale torso is the best choice for female riding sex. Either way you have sex with her, you’ll be very satisfied. If you enjoy sex with transsexuals, you can learn more about shemale sex doll torsos.

NO.10 Soft Silicone Male Torso Sex Toy


Shop Now At Lovedolltorso

Male torso toys appear small and light. You can easily carry on business trips. and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

The flat large penis torso is made of high quality silicone material. It has a realistic giant dildo. This is a great option for those who like ride sex. A flat back makes him more stable. You can ride it for real ride sex.

If you are willing to take him home, he will give you more new happiness!

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