A Million Smiles

A Million Smiles

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"A million smiles" is a project about people who want to help other people. People are asked to only once, do not spend on trivialities and instead, donate it. So together we help people in need around the world.

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A million smiles is a project that wants to help people in need. We know that it is difficult to achieve great goals alone.But what if a million of us help together?

The way we could help is simple, we could avoid buying trivialities like fast food at least once, and donate the amount of the cost instead.Donations will be used to help as many people as possible. One of the first places we want to help is in the Andes, especially in the towns of Puno-Peru, where cold waves hit the citie with temperatures close to -20 ° C (-4 ° F) in winter. A third of the population of this place are children under 12 and adults over 65. Due to lack of services and poor living conditions these people are very vulnerable, and not only them, the animals, which are also their sustenance. These people need adequate clothes, food and condition their houses for the winter. We are sure that we could help them do it. But we need your help.

There is more than enough fresh water in the world, however, the poor are largely excluded from this globally recognized "human right". Millions are forced to collect water from drains, ditches and streams and not only due to poverty but also natural disasters cause lack of drinking water. Such as the East African drought in 2011 that affected Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The Maliwi drought in 2016 or the drought in Mozambique in early 2018. We want to help bring clean water to people in need. But we need your help.

There are as many problems as human beings in the world, individually we could not make a difference, but together we are stronger.

We do not need a millionaire donation. If each of us gives at least US$ 1, we will be able to transform the lives of many people and make this fairer world

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