Political Fundraising

Raising money through Fundly for political campaigns not only gets more money in the door, it also engages devoted supporters, gets them to wear their support on their sleeves, and gets them to rally their friends over social media.

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The most efficient way to get money in the door of a political campaign is to get volunteers to do the fundraising. For the big dollars, the candidate has to make the phone calls, host the dinners, or make the appearances. But for donations of $100-500, it is often the case that volunteers can round up their friends to donate to the campaign. The easiest way to do this is to use Fundly as the fundraising platform, tracking individual fundraising, as well as overall campaign progress to a goal.

Best of all, the amount of social media impressions generated over the course of a Fundly fundraising campaign can help swing potential voters when they see which of their friends are actively involved.

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How Fundly Can Help Your Political Fundraiser

When you use Fundly for your online fundraising, every donation brings all three of these. Each time a donation is made, donors are offered a digital donor card to post on Facebook. They are also offered the opportunity to share directly with friends or set up a page to fundraise for the campaign.

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