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We're excited to bring together the best in event management with the best in social online fundraising!  With our new Eventbrite partnership, event organizers can now easily give all of your registrants a quick and easy way for them to start fundraising for the event cause!

This integration is perfect for all of your charity runs, galas, auctions, sports tournaments and more!  We're extremely delighted to bring two, world class, organizations that are dedicated to helping event and campaign organizers to be as successful as possible with their events and fundraising campaigns.

Don't have an event in Eventbrite yet?  No problem! Click here to get started with that first!  As an event organizer you'll be able to create your Fundly campaign directly from within Eventbrite after you have kicked off your Event!


Need More Details? Follow these easy 3 steps to get started!

Let's start by taking a look at a standard Eventbrite event being run, the "Annual Tukey Trot 10K" and we'll walk you through how to get everything setup! 

Step 1:

When you have your event created and launched, you can start creating your Fundly campaign by checking in the Extension section of your Eventbrite Dashboard.  Usually you will see Fundly listed in this list by default, but if you don't, click on the "Browse All" link and find Fundly there. 

Once you have Fundly located, click on the link and you'll be prompted on a screen (see below) that will ask you to "Install App" which will then take you to a page where you will allow Fundly to access your Eventbrite Account.  (Don't worry, your data is 100% safe and secure and we use this only to pull in your Event name and details).  Be sure to click on the 'Allow' button so that we can move on to the next step!

Step 2:

Nice job so far!   You are now ready to start creating your campaign page that will be your main fundraising page associated to your event!  You'll notice that we pulled in some of the most important parts of your campaign already for you! 

Enter in now the amount you are looking to fundraise in the 'Goal' field and select a category for your campaign.  Make sure you also add in extra details around the campaign and even some Giving Levels if you have any!   Once you are done, hit the 'Save' button to and we'll create your payment processing account with our partners at  (This will allow you to accept donations immediately through your campaign page) 


Step 3:

You're nearly done!   Now that you have your campaign setup and ready to start taking donations, you'll need to make sure you start promoting your Event and Campaign together!! We'll guide you through the basics on how to get it setup and how to start spreading the word about your event and campaign!

Take a look through our fundraising tips and our faq for questions on how best to get your campaign setup!  You are able to completely customize the campaign page to match your organization, color schemes and backgrounds to give it that perfect look!  Then, you are off the races!  Now go raise some money!!  Good Luck and Happy Fundraising!!

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