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Before you book your ticket, take a look at these ideas for service trips, adventures, honeymoons, and dream-chasers.

With all four categories, the end goal is the same. You need the money to travel. However, the reasoning behind each option is so diverse that the most successful fundraising strategy for one option might not appeal to your prospects from another option.

Without further ado, here are your trip types, divided to help you fundraise better.

#1: Service Trips

When fundraising, like with most things in life, you should always play to your strengths.

For service trips, your biggest fundraising asset is the intention behind the trip. Service trips are innately philanthropic. Your friends, family, acquaintances, and even complete strangers are going to be interested in helping fund your journey in the service of others.

With that in mind, you absolutely have to stress the work you’re going to be doing.

Include plenty of information about the cause that you’ll be serving.  

Discuss what drove you to want to go on the trip in the first place and your relationship with the cause, but make the work itself the main emphasis.

Your connection to the work is important, but those who see your page will want to hear more about the impact you can have because of their funds than anything else.

#2: Adventures

Ah, adventures. Everything from postgrad wandering to mid-life exploring to retirement traveling falls into this category.

We all deserve a break, and we all deserve a chance to adventure out to new corners and coves of the world.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the budget to do so.

If you’re looking for the financing to back your next adventure, a crowdfunding page is a great fundraising idea to get the money you need.

As you put together your page and share your campaign with your network of friends and family, start considering what the output of your trip will be.

When someone chooses to support an adventure trip like this, they are genuinely giving to help you, as an individual, succeed.

You aren’t a charity. You aren’t a business with a product. You are a person who has a goal of traveling, with limited money to do so. Your donors aren’t expecting anything in return.

That’s why offering some kind of return on investment, no matter how small, is worth it and will make a big difference.

The people who support you obviously want to see you on that trip, so try to design your gift back to your donors around what you’re doing on the trip.

You don’t have to spend money to be able to give your donors something.

If you like to write, you could keep a travel blog. The same goes for photography.

You could even let your donors pick your itinerary for a day so that they get to be more included in your trip.

Any of these gestures will work. They don’t have to be on a massive scale. Your donors know that funds are limited. They’re not expecting repayment. But they would appreciate something meaningful and thoughtful in return.  

#3: Honeymoons

Honeymoons were already discussed in the fundraising ideas for weddings page. However, they fit with the trip group too, as many of the trip fundraisers we see are run by couples looking for honeymoon funding.

For honeymoon fundraising, the most efficient way to raise money is to ask for donations for travel instead of gifts.

Present the trip as a group wedding gift. Your crowdfunding campaign then becomes your wedding registry.

Direct those invited to your wedding to your crowdfunding page, where you’ll explain the trip you want to go on.

Potential donors will appreciate specificity. Include an outline of the budget so people know what they’re paying for.

You also need to make sure that you convey why this trip would mean so much to the two of you. You’re certainly in love and wanting to start your marriage off on a beautiful, life-changing trip, but what about this specific location and itinerary is so important?

Why Bali? Why Chile? Why Paris?

Give your guests the opportunity to contribute and you’ll begin your married life in the perfect locale.

#4: Dream-chasers

This last category encompasses everybody who doesn’t live where they need to live to follow their dreams.

Are you an aspiring Broadway actress living in Nebraska and desperate to get to New York? You fall into the dream-chaser category.

From avid skiers living away from the mountains to sailors in landlocked states, if distance is stopping you from pursuing your dream, you can crowdfund to get to where you need to be.

Use your page to talk about your dream and tell your story.

Everyone can relate to having a dream and feeling like it is unreachable. Tug on your donor’s heart strings!

Read up on popular story archetypes, like the hero’s journey, and use them as inspiration to frame your messaging. People will be lining up to help make your wildest dreams come true.

We’ve all felt wanderlust at various points in our lives. Your prospective donors have too. Tap into your supporters’ innate desires for travel and adventure, and see your network of donors grow through crowdfunding. You’ll be preparing for takeoff in no time.

Tray tables up, seat belts buckled, seats in the upright position, and off you go.  

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