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Looking to start your own fundraising campaign? We have simple fundraising ideas for your school or sports team. Want unique fundraising ideas for your upcoming mission trip or wedding? Need easy fundraising ideas for your nonprofit? We even have creative ideas for military fundraisers and FRG fundraising!

Here at Fundly, we understand that fundraising is unfamiliar territory for most people!

We help take the fear out of fundraising by guiding you step-by-step through your campaign. With our easy-to-use and completely customizable fundraising platform, we can help you quickly achieve your funding goals.

In as little as five minutes, our platform helps you build a personalized page that your friends, family, and even strangers can support. And we do it all with no upfront costs or fees!  Our pages can be set up in minutes and you can start raising money immediately!

You’ll raise more money and reach more donors using Fundly! See our top 17 fundraising ideas below and find out more using the categories on the left!

#1: Fundraising Ideas for Animals

We have designers with lines of clothing for pets. There’s a formula for calculating a dog’s age in human years. You could go out on a boat right now just in the hopes of spotting a whale.

Why do we do all this? We love animals! It’s as simple as that. And sometimes, animals need humans to advocate for them because they cannot advocate for themselves. That’s a big reason why we have animal fundraisers. No matter the pet-related cause that you’re seeking funds for, we’ve got some creative ways to secure them.

Have you tried a Yappy Hour? How about Rent-a-Puppy?

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for animal related causes.

#2: Fundraising Ideas for Creative Projects

Are you the next Jackson Pollock? Jennifer Hudson? Toni Morrison?

Do you knit the best sweaters in town? Are your needlepoints on point?

With the help of crowdfunding, artists don’t have to be starving anymore. In fact, with the right strategy behind you, you can feel free to pursue your creative dream without sacrificing financial security.

Whether you’re a performer, an artist, an artisan, or a filmmaker, crowdfunding can support your creative projects.

We even have individual tips for fundraising for whatever creative project you’re working on.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for creative projects.

#3: Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

The fundraising world is your oyster with crowdfunding by your side. Gather your troops of potential donors and raise the money you need to buy a new car, launch your dream business venture, take a trip to Fiji, all of the above, or none of the above.

No matter your fundraising need, Fundly’s crowdfunding platform can suit it.

Want to reach friends? Check. Want to reach family? Check. Want to reach strangers? Check.

If you have five minutes to spare, you can have a crowdfunding campaign up and running. With careful and strategic planning you’ll see results in no time.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for individuals.

#4: Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Today’s youth is filled with budding entrepreneurs and philanthropists. And that’s thanks in large part to the easy accessibility of the internet.

Crowdfunding will lift your child’s next fundraising endeavor to a whole new financial level.

Whether raising money for schools or sports or charity, there’s a place for kids on Fundly.

In addition to their crowdfunding efforts, we’ve come up with a list of creative fundraising ideas that kids can get started with ASAP, like spelling bees and home run derbies.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for kids.

#5: Fundraising Ideas for Medical & Health

When you’re ill, you and your loved ones need to worry about getting you better first and foremost. Finances shouldn’t even enter the situation, but the unfortunately high cost of medical expenses can creep in and add undue stress.

Crowdfund to help shoulder the financial burden of those medical costs.

In order to help you be as successful as possible in such a trying time, we’ve outlined seven fundraising ideas to ensure that your medical and health crowdfunding campaign raises the money you need.

The list will take you from the start to the finish of your campaign. Start by setting a date and a goal and finish by thanking those who have donated.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for medical and health related causes.

#6: Fundraising Ideas for Memorials & Funerals

The grief and tragedy that accompanies the loss of a loved one is immeasurable. No coping friend or relative should have to worry if there’s enough money for a funeral.

Setting up a crowdfunding page ensures that families in mourning can focus on what truly matters, being with one another and grieving.

To guide you through this fundraising journey, we have nine proven fundraising ideas to minimize any financial struggles on the horizon. From a step-by-step description of how to put together a good memorial fund page to tips on how to create a plan, it is all covered in our list.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for memorial funds and funerals.

#7: Fundraising Ideas for Military & Veterans

Here at Fundly, we love seeing our communities band together to support our military and veterans! Whether it’s to honor a fallen soldier or send care packages to active duty members, your campaigns resonate deeply with family, friends, and your community, who will happily help out.

Let’s all do our part in ensuring that we keep our soldiers out of harm’s way and saving them when they need us the most!

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for military and veteran related causes.

#8: Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits and Charity

We’ve been working with some of the largest nonprofits in the world here at Fundly. From powering Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program, to helping localized nonprofits raise money to fight poverty or fund education, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes meet their fundraising needs.

Our tools help you build organizationally-branded fundraising pages that your teams and individual fundraisers can link to!

Best yet, leverage our Fundly mobile app by snapping photos and videos at your next volunteering event and sharing them with your supporters in seconds!

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for nonprofits.

#9: Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Schools remain one of the most underfunded keystones of our communities. Here at Fundly, we’ve seen fundraising campaigns of all shapes and sizes successfully raise money for local schools!

Whether you want to hold a walk-a-thon, a read-a-thon, or raise money for a school club, we provide you with the tools to immediately start collecting your much needed donations.

Plus your local neighbors and friends will likely appreciate not having to whip out the checkbook for more cookies, or ordering that magazine that will likely go unread for the rest of the year!

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for schools.

#10: Fundraising Ideas for Sports

Athletes in the NFL and MLB might be wealthy now, but they didn’t necessarily start out that way — unless we’re talking about Eli and Peyton Manning. Thinking about them just makes life seem unfair. I digress, though.

For most, the price that comes along with training to be a contender in any sport can be very limiting.

There’s no sidestepping the high cost of individual or team sports. To be competitive you need to pay for gear, coaching, extra coaching, travel expenses, tournament fees, even more coaching. That all adds up without even mentioning the cost ripple effect of the time and effort that games and practices take up.

To supplement your team’s usual fundraising fare, try raising money online through Fundly.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for athletes and sports teams.

#11: Fundraising Ideas for Trips

Whether you decide to fundraise for your trip the old fashioned way (Grandma, I need help!) or through your own personal fundraising page here at Fundly, we understand that it is not always easy to get started!

Worry not!

Our platform has provided thousands of people with the opportunity to successfully raise money for their next trips.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for trips.

#12: Fundraising Ideas for Weddings & Honeymoons

We all know how expensive it can be these days to have a wedding, let alone a honeymoon!

Why not forgo the traditional wedding gifts, and raise money online to help offset the costs of your big day? Or, choose to give back and raise money for those less fortunate instead?

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for weddings and honeymoons.

#13: Fundraising Ideas for Churches and Religious Organizations

If you’re looking for a new way to rally the congregation to get something done, we can help you raise money directly for your church or your upcoming mission trip!

Tell your story and share it with your community. Whether you’re raising funds for mission trips, volunteer work, a congregation fundraiser, natural disaster aid, or something else, crowdfunding will get the job done.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for churches and religious organizations.

#14: Fundraising Ideas for Clubs and Organizations

Budget cuts have resulted in less and less funding for important community projects that benefit towns and their beating hearts, the citizens.

Local clubs and organizations need funding to supplement their aims and efforts and crowdfunding can fill the gap left by holes in the budget.

A crowdfunding page lets organizers and leaders keep their logos and colors on their donation pages and makes it easy to reach out to large networks of willing supporters.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for clubs and organizations.

#15: Fundraising Ideas for Fraternities and Sororities

Those involved in Greek life are young, energetic, and creative, as long as it isn’t finals week. They are the perfect fundraisers in waiting and they often have the need to do so.

Between dues, philanthropic initiatives, and the cost of keeping a house running, there’s no shortage of fundraising needs for Greek organizations.

Members of sororities and fraternities can capitalize on their internet skills to make the most of an online crowdfunding campaign.

Mix and match creative fundraising events that get the campus involved with an online crowdfunding campaign and your financial needs will be met in no time.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for fraternities and sororities.

#16: Fundraising Ideas for Politics and Public Office

Crowdfunding is the grassroots fundraising method of choice. Marry that to your grassroots political run and head off on your campaign honeymoon.

Fundraising for politics and public office is its own unique brand of raising money. Start by following crowdfunding best practices, but then you’ll need to supplement with additional steps to ensure you have the funds to get elected.

Good thing we’ve outlined the fundraising ideas you’ll need to get a seat in your desired office.

Running a campaign is challenging and stressful enough. Eliminate some of the pressure by taking care of financing online with crowdfunding.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for politics and public offices.

#17: Fundraising Ideas for Run/Walk/Rides

The average person would not be thrilled to go run just any 5K. Attach a charitable cause to that 5K and participation will sky rocket.

We don’t all like exercising, but we do it because it is good for us. We don’t all like parting with our money, but we donate it because we know there are causes that need our help.

A run, walk, or even ride combines healthy spending with healthy living and ends with the whole community better for it.

Runs, walks, and rides are fundraising mainstays. Elevate your standby event with the help of crowdfunding. You can host the event on a main page and let participants fundraise separately.

Your event will have record participation, record attendance, and, most importantly, record money raised.

Learn more on our page that’s dedicated to fundraising ideas for runs/walks/rides.

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