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Looking to start your own fundraising campaign? We have simple fundraising ideas for your school or sports team. Want unique fundraising ideas for your upcoming mission trip or wedding? Need easy fundraising ideas for your nonprofit? We even have creative fundraising ideas for military fundraisers and FRG fundraising!

Here at Fundly, we understand that fundraising is unfamiliar territory for most people! We help take the fear out of fundraising by guiding you step-by-step through your campaign. With our easy-to-use and completely customizable fundraising platform, we can help you quickly achieve your funding goals. In as little as five minutes, our platform helps you build a personalized page that your friends, family, and strangers can support. And we do it all with no upfront costs or fees!  Our pages can be setup in minutes and you can start raising money immediately!

You’ll raise more money and reach more donors using Fundly! See our top 5 below and the rest on the left!

Fundly’s Top 5 Fundraising Ideas to Help You Get Started



Schools remain one of the most underfunded keystones of our communities. Here at Fundly, we’ve seen fundraising campaigns of all shapes and sizes successfully raise money for local schools! Whether you want to hold a Walk-a-thon, a Read-a-thons, or raise money for a school club, we provide you with the tools to immediately start collecting your much needed donations.  Plus your local neighbors and friends will likely appreciate not having to whip out the checkbook for more cookies, or ordering that magazine that will likely go unread for the rest of the year!

To see more fundraising ideas for schools, make sure you check out our page dedicated to School Fundraisers!



We’ve worked with some of the largest non-profits in the world here at Fundly. From powering Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program, to helping localized non-profits raise money to fight poverty or fund education, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes meet their fundraising needs.

Our tools help you build organizationally-branded fundraising pages that your teams and individual fundraisers can link to! Best yet, leverage our Fundly mobile app by snapping photos and videos at your next volunteering event and sharing them with your supporters in seconds!  

Let us help you leverage the massive network you already have to aid in your fundraising efforts! Check out more great fundraising ideas for non-profits here and get started today.

Mission Trips

Whether you decide to fundraise for your mission trip the old fashioned way (Grandma, I need help!) or through your own personal fundraising page here at Fundly, we understand that its not always easy to get started!  Rest easy! Our platform has provided thousands of people the opportunity to successfully raise money for their next mission trip.

See more ideas here for Mission Trip Fundraising.

Military & Armed Services


Here at Fundly, we love seeing our communities band together to support our military and veterans! Whether it’s to honor a fallen soldier, or to send care packages to active duty members, your campaigns resonate deeply with family, friends and your community, who happily help out. 

Let’s all do our part in helping ensure that we keep our soldiers out of harms way and saving them when they need us the most! Find more fundraising ideas for the Military and Armed services.

Weddings & Honeymoons

We all know how expensive it can be these days to have a wedding, let alone a honeymoon! Why not forgo the traditional wedding gifts, and raise money online to help offset the costs of your big day? Or, choose to give back and raise money for those less fortunate instead!

See more examples of what you can do with your wedding and honeymoon and fundraise on Fundly.

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