Church Fundraising

Fundly makes it easy and fun for church members to raise money for things they care about by reaching out to friends, family, and fellow church members through social media.

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Churches use Fundly to raise money for special projects or initiatives that reach beyond traditional “plate” giving or offerings. When the need is specific and well defined, a Fundly campaign is often the quickest, easiest, and most visible way to rally the congregation to get something done.

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How Fundly Can Help Your Church Fundraiser

It’s easy to set up a fundraising campaign on Fundly, using your church members as the fundraisers! Each member gets his or her own personal fundraising page. They reach out to their networks using Facebook, email, Twitter, etc., and their page keeps track of their progress toward a goal. The campaign itself also keeps track of the aggregate progress of the congregation or group--often tracking to the total amount of money required to complete the project or initiative.

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