Fundraising Ideas


Do you want to raise funds online but have no experience? Fundly can help you run a successful online fundraiser today!

We make online fundraising is easy, fun, and social! Whether you want to build an audience, promote your mission, and/or raise funds online – Fundly can help you do it all.

Want to fundraise for your next school fundraiser? Need the funds to travel the world?  Need to raise money for a family member battling cancer? We can help you with it all. Below are some ideas to get you started:



We let you create and launch an online fundraising campaign or event in just minutes. Fundly also makes it easy for you to engage with all your supporters while growing your supporter base by tapping into new social networks.

Whether you are dealing with donors, fundraisers, or supporters, we help you build and manage your base by collecting and organizing all of your contacts within a simple organized tab within your Fundly Account. Use our social tools to spread the word about your campaign to your personal networks to gain more donations and supporters!

Happy Fundraising!


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